A Dentist That Listens To You

Experience Exceptional Care At Hopkins Family Dentistry

Finding A Dentist
Doesn't Need To Be Scary

Listening to your dental needs

Saving families the hassle of finding a dentist to trust. Do you find yourself saying ‘I hate going to the dentist’. When visiting us, we hope to make you forget that silly phrase.

We strive to make visits a delight, easygoing and efficient for your time. With every visit, you’ll notice that you’re treated as a human, and not just a number. As fanatical active listeners, it means we find the root of your oral problems and focus on solving them.

As our neighbor, our friend and being a part of our community,

we simply want to do what’s right for our patients.

Get A Confident Smile In 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to receive a personalized treatment plan to achieve your goals which we begin in your first visit.

2. Set Your Smile Goals

What about your smile causes you to feel a lack of confidence? It could be something as simple as a coffee stain or be more involved like broken teeth. We want to hear about it.

3. Achieve New Confidence

After your treatments are complete, you will have a smile that is healthier, more functional, more beautiful that brings you confidence.

No Insurance? We Have A Solution

What if I can't afford to fix my teeth?

A special membership plan that makes dentistry affordable. Specifically made for Hopkins Family Dentistry Patients.

Taking care of your teeth shouldn’t be cost prohibitive.

Dentist and the Patient

"I Have A Toothache"

Doctor Avant and team recognize timely care is of the essence when Tooth Pain is involved. Our team provides focused EMERGENCY dental care to allow you to rest easy. Get back to your normal day ASAP. With Same Day Appointments, say goodbye to a nagging toothache today and call to schedule.

"I Need A Dental Cleaning"

Our Dental Hygienists pride themselves in giving gentle, thorough, judgment free cleanings. Understanding your unique needs while delivering custom care is our priority.

If it's been years or just 6 months, our hygiene team will treat you as family. No lectures, no shaming or an eye roll. We think of ourselves more as coaches, cheerleaders and motivators.

Meet The Dentist

Dr. Arielle Avant

Educated by the finest. A graduate of the Oregon Health and Sciences School of Dentistry. Dr. Avant has devoted her career in learning the art of facial esthetics while creating a laidback atmosphere for her dentistry.

An adventurous spirit. Having lived across the country, Dr. Avant has trekked around the world. An avid camper, you’ll want to ask her about some of her run-ins with nature.

Dedicated Athlete. An International Figure Skating champ, you could say Dr. Avant grew up on ice skates. To this day ice skating is her passion and teaches it to a new generation of up and coming figure skaters.