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I have Tooth Pain, Is there an

Emergency Dentist Near Me?

YES! -We're Located On Mainstreet-

Yes! Time is of the essence in a Dental Emergency. Our exceptional team is standing by to see you right away. We want to help. Dr. Avant and the Hopkins Family Dentistry Teams only focus is to get you out of pain. Smile with ease again and call us or visit our office to get a dental appointment today.
A toothache is usually a sign of a serious cavity or infected tooth. Worn tooth enamel from decay leaves the pulp/nerve inside the tooth exposed to bacteria. The bacteria infects the pulp of the tooth, causing serious pain.
Leaving infected teeth can lead to more serious health concerns. Pain, abcesses and inability to function. Come to Hopkins Family Dentistry for help. It’ll be way less costly compared to a weekend visit at the Hospital Emergency Room. Call Today to schedule 952.935.2121
A loose filling or crown can be very alarming and become serious dental emergencies. Loosened fillings or crowns allow decay to form closer to the pulp/nerve of a tooth. Which may lead to Root Canals or worse, an Extraction. Prevent having more expensive treatment. We recommend replacement of the loose filling or crown when caught early.
Contact us to schedule for an emergency dental appointment.


Remain calm! It can be shocking to see a tooth knocked out. Timing is key. Get treatment as soon as 1 hour after the incident. Give us a call immediately to schedule a same-day appointment in Hopkins.
Make sure you only touch the knocked out tooth by it’s chewing surface. Don’t touch the root. There are important cells to keep alive on the root surface. Store the tooth in milk or saliva before reimplantation will keep it alive. As a last resort, you can keep the tooth in your mouth between your gums and cheek. Be careful not to swallow it. But remember to bring the tooth to your appointment. Dr. Avant will do her best to save it.
Cracked, chipped or broken teeth can happen at any moment. Biting a popcorn kernal, fork tines, or holding a nail in your teeth can cause chips in enamel.
No matter the cause of your broken tooth, it is critical to see a dentist right away.  Even when the crack or chip does not look bad, it may be more extensive than it looks. Leading to complications like future infections or sensitive teeth. So contact Hopkins Family Dentistry for a convenient same-day appointment.

Money shouldn’t be the obstacle between you and your dental health. Especially in an emergency. We offer resources for our patients to help keep care at a cost you are comfortable with. We’re in-network with the most popular insurances in Minnesota. But for those who do not have dental insurance, consider our savings plan. Call us or visit our Hopkins office to learn more. Keeping quality dental care affordable.

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