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The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry says to introduce a child at one years old. Or at the first sign of teething. By starting early, Dr. Avant will be able to perform an introductory exam. This is a good time to answer any questions you may have. We’re here to help set your child up for lifelong dental success.
Does your child already have most of their baby teeth? No worries. the Hopkins Family Dentistry Team may even try an introductory cleaning and x-rays. We only go as far as your child is willing to let us. Keeping the experience light and fun throughout.
If this type of appointment interests you or your child, lets get them scheduled.
Your child should see Avant and team every six months. We’re here to help catch problems earlier. Catching problems earlier makes fixing them easier. Easier fixes mean shorter, more pleasant experiences. Keeping the smile on little Junior healthy for the long run.
Plus, the time in the office gives you, the parent an opportunity to ask us questions as they arise. Learn more about healthy habits here.
Sealants are like a clear coat covering the top of the tooth. A liquid resin flows into the grooves to your child’s rear-most molars. Then hardened to a plastic-like layer using UV light.
If you’ve ever tried to remove grime between ceramic tiles you know how difficult it was. The grooves in our teeth act like food magnets. The sealants we use, smooth them out. Defelecting bacteria, acid, and food. So no more debris getting stuck in these enamel grooves. Preventing formation of cavities. Plus, the procedure is fast with no needles. All the positives and none of the negatives that come with dental visits. You can expect dental sealants to last up to 10 years. Consider it a great investment if your child is cavity-prone.
If you’d like know more about dental sealants being right for your child, call our team. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

Yes! If your child is nervous or anxious about a procedure like a filling, we offer laughing gas. As a relaxation tool, laughing gas can help keep your child comfortable. Inquire about laughing gas when you see Dr. Avant in Hopkins.

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