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Pediatric Dentistry

If childhood dental memories still unsettle you, consider introducing your child to pediatric dentistry early on. At Hopkins Family Dentistry, we understand that negative childhood dental experiences can create a lifetime of dental issues.

That’s why our commitment to pediatric dentistry is central to our comprehensive services in Hopkins, MN, ensuring positive dental experiences from an early age for a lifetime of oral health and well-being.

How does Pediatric Dentistry Help My Child?

Pediatric dentistry deals with and specializes in the oral care and treatments of infants through their teenage years and into adulthood. The main aim of this branch of dentistry is to help maintain and enhance your child’s oral health.

This involves providing preventative dental care, diagnosing and treating oral infections and diseases, and instructing kids on developing good oral hygiene habits. Pediatric dental care helps care for your child’s teeth and ensure they stay free from diseases and decay.

Pediatric Dentistry Help My Child
Pediatric Dentist

What Makes a Pediatric Dental Visit Different?

Oral problems are not something that affects only adults. Children can become a target, too. Here are some common dental problems that can affect a child from an early age.

What is the Ideal Age Group that Pediatric Dentists Cater to?

Pediatric dentists treat dental issues in infants, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. They are trained and specialized in handling kids who are six months old and have just had their first baby teeth to kids who are receiving orthodontic treatment at the age of 16 or 17.

Your child should visit the dentist as soon as they get their first tooth, which is around six months to a year after their birth.

Age Group that Pediatric Dentists

What Treatments Does Pediatric Dentistry Offer?

Some of the treatments that a pediatric dentist offers but are not limited to include:

Oral health examinations: To do a risk assessment of decay and cavities.

Teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment: To take preventative measures against cavity and tooth decay.

Diagnosis & treatment: This includes evaluating potential orthodontic treatments for treating conditions such as overbite or overcrowding of teeth.

Habit counseling: Tips on when and how to use the pacifier and how to prevent thumb sucking.

Other treatments that pediatric dentistry provides include:

Why Should I Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Be honest. We all have tried to defer a visit to the dental clinic at some point or another. There’s just something about the sounds and the smells that put you off.

Now, imagine going to the same clinic as a child. Terrifying, isn’t it?

You can help address this fear by taking the right approach to dental visits from an early age. This is where you find out how pediatric dentistry benefits you and your child.

Comfort & Ease

Pediatric dentists and their staff are specially trained to deal with kids experiencing high levels of anxiety and fear during dental visits. They can ensure the appointment goes smoothly by comforting the child and putting them at ease.

Inviting Office

The decor of a dental office plays a significant role in making the children feel welcome. Lovely cartoons to greet them at the entrance, along with soft-spoken staff, can help the child feel wanted and welcome.

Prevention is Better than Cure

It’s always better to take preventative measures than look for cures later. Taking your kids for routine dental check-ups helps to minimize the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Fun Oral Care

Oral care habits can seem a bit boring, especially for children. A pediatric dentist can make oral care seem fun and ensure that your kid develops the right oral hygiene habits from an early age.

This is My Child’s First Dental Visit. What can I Expect

A pediatric dentist’s office is a compassionate and understanding place where the dentist will listen to your concerns and address your child’s dental needs.

How Much Does Pediatric Dentistry Cost?

The average cost of pediatric dentistry ranges from $65 to $100 per child without insurance. But providing access to comprehensive dental care for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive anymore.

Hopkins Family Dentistry’s Savings Plan Makes Pediatric Dentistry Affordable!

By making a single payment of $275 every year, you can get access to the following services for your child:
Dr Arielle Avant

Meet Our Dedicated Dentist

Dr. Arielle Avant

Dr. Arielle Avant is a distinguished alumna of the renowned Oregon Health and Sciences School of Dentistry, where she honed her expertise in dentistry. With an unwavering commitment to the art of facial aesthetics, Dr. Avant has crafted a career focused on creating not just beautiful smiles but also fostering a serene environment within her dental practice.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Avant is a dedicated athlete, holding the prestigious title of International Figure Skating champion.

Build Your Child’s Smile for Life at Hopkins Family Dentistry

Access to pediatric dentistry is integral to your child’s life. Hopkins Family Dentistry can help provide comprehensive pediatric dental care for your child and help improve their oral health over the years.

Please book your appointment with Hopkins Family Dentistry today by calling 952.935.2121. You can also drop by our offices in person and allow your child to see the wonders of a comfortable and pleasant dental office.

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